Fate/Stay Night Visual Story Artbook
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Fate/Stay Night Visual Story
Fate/Stay Night Visual Story
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Fate/stay night Visual Story is a retelling of the visual novel in book format. It uses the GCs and text from the game to show the story of all three routes with commentary and background information. It was released August 20, 2007.

Visual Story [Prologue]
Info on Servants and the Holy Grail War
Fuyuki City Guide Map
Character profiles and rough character designs
Visual Story [Fate]
Visual Story [Unlimited Blade Works]
Visual Story [Heavens Feel]
Visual Story [Adult Stage]
Fate/stay night Encyclopedia - TYPE-MOON timeline, weapon designs, and glossary from Fate/side material

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Fate/Stay Night Visual Story 1 Artbook
20 août 2007
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