Fate/Stay Night Visual Story (Enterbrain)

couverture, jaquette Fate/Stay Night Visual Story   (Enterbrain) Artbook
  • TypeArtbook
  • Date parutionlun. 20 août 2007
  • Scénariste TYPE-MOON
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  • Mag. prépub.
  • EditeurEnterbrain
  • EAN-139784757737235
  • Prix2 500,00 JPY
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  • Pages256
  • drapeau pays édition Complète
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Fate/Stay Night Visual Story
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256 pages filled with all of the great visuals you've come to expect from Fate/Stay Night! The book is packed with full color illustrations as well as sketches, character info, and tons of other stuff. It is arranged by game stage and is a much needed addition to all fan's collections.

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