YuYu Hakusho 3 édition USA

Paru le 19/12/2006 chez Funimation Prod
YuYu Hakusho 3
Série TV animée
fantastique, action
34.98 USD (26.42 EUR)
+ de 12 ans
Yoshihiro TOGASHI
Noriyuki ABE

Résumé du tome : Yusuke Urameshi and his gang are locked in fierce competition as the Dark Tournament rages on! Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei struggle to stay alive, but Team Rokuyukai isn't making it easy. Finally roused from his deep slumber, Yusuke must face a burly bloke named Chu. Having drained most of their energy, the two fighters decide to settle it with a brutal Knife Edge Death Match! When Round Two begins, Kuwabara suddenly refuses to fight the odd new challengers. What does he sense in these new combatants? If he's not careful, he may pay for his hunch with his life!

In round three, a group of cloaked demons, Team Masho, comes down hard and Yusuke and Kurama must confront them alone! The Spirit Detective realizes his regular attacks won't get him through this fight. Yusuke may have to try what Genkai could never teach him: the Spirit Wave! Even if he can execute the incredible move, will the corrupt Tournament Committee let him win? As the heroes fall one by one, injured Kuwabara is their last hope. Without his Spirit Sword, the situation looks bleak... Kuwabara will have to find the strength to save his team as the Dark Tournament rushes to an incredible climax.

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