YuYu Hakusho 2 édition USA

Paru le 03/10/2006 chez Funimation Prod
YuYu Hakusho 2
Série TV animée
fantastique, action
34.98 USD (26.42 EUR)
+ de 12 ans
Yoshihiro TOGASHI
Noriyuki ABE

Résumé du tome : The trails and tribulations of Yosuke Urameshi and his band of odd and powerful friends continue, as they cross paths with monsters and warriors from every dimension. Between fighting the terrible Saint Beasts, negotiating the treacherous Maze Castle, defending their city against humans controlled by the murderous Makai insects, and fighting among themselves, these teens will be lucky to get through their saga in one piece.

The Spirit Detective and his friends mount a rescue mission to save a beautiful ice apparition named Yukina, whose tears transform into priceless jewels. It seems a filthy human crime lord has kidnapped Yukina and plans to make a fortune by extracting her tears using torture! Why is Hiei not allowed to know of their risky undertaking?

Spirit World makes a chilling discovery. In an elaborate plan by the incredibly wealthy Sayko, enemies from Yusuke's last case turn up alive and well and they issued a terrible threat: Enter a vile competition run by the criminal world, or watch everyone he knows be hunted down and murdered!

The team readies for the fight, but Yusuke finds himself locked in a deep slumber since his return from Genkai's training. Kuwabra must make a desperate decision that may have lethal consequences!

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