YuYu Hakusho 1 édition USA

Paru le 06/06/2006 chez Funimation Prod
YuYu Hakusho 1
Série TV animée
fantastique, action
34.98 USD (26.42 EUR)
+ de 12 ans
Yoshihiro TOGASHI
Noriyuki ABE

Résumé du tome : It's another typical day for troublemaker Yusuke Urameshi... cutting classes, clashing with teachers, fighting local tough guys. Just when everybody thinks they have the hoodlum figured out, Yusuke suprises even himself by diving in front of a speeding car to save a little boy, getting himself killed in the process! Far from the end of a story, it's the start of an epic saga.

Yusuke gets a second chance at life and becomes a Spirit Detective, charged with tracking evil supernatural beings and preventing them from fulfilling their diabolical plans.

Yusuke teams up with his old rival Kuwabara, the elusive Kurama and the dark and cynical Hiei. As they battle their way toward exotic locations like Maze Castle and the Gate of Betrayl, this ackward alliance better learn to trust each other, and do it post-haste... Or it might mean the end of the world!

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