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Dans un recoin de ce monde (Seven Seas)
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1940s Hiroshima. Suzu, a young bride, leaves her home to join her new husband, a member of the Japanese navy, at a military base in the port city of Kure. Confronted with the challenges of a new life, Suzu must also come to grips with a world at war and her beautiful home collapsing around her. Unwilling to give up hope, Suzu holds on to happiness to persevere through the trials of war.

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Dans un recoin de ce monde

Overall, a pretty nice manga. The drawings are really nice. Story is ok-ish. It’s more along the lines of a diary, with parts dedicated to showing us how people dealt with issues during WWII-Japan time. Some parts of the story are left without much explanation, to be interpreted by the reader. Sometimes this can be quite annoying, as one is unsure of what is going on. I strongly recomme...

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