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Hatsumi Narita lives in a typical company housing complex with her seemingly typical family, but the dramatic turn her life is about to take is anything but, well, typical. Her precocious younger sister Akane is way too popular with boys, her childhood friend Azusa, now a hunky male model, might want to ruin her life, her super-mean and very privileged neighbor Ryoki considers her his slave, and her dreamy older brother Shinogu might not be what he seems at all. What is a hapless heroine to do?

Inspired by Miki Aihara's ultra-popular shojo manga series Hot Gimmick, Hot Gimmick S manages a host of outlandish twists and turns that even the original manga couldn't do! Plus, a bonus chapter from Hot Gimmick that's all about Hatsumi and Shinogu. Whether you're a longtime fan of Miki Aihara's super-popular manga or are new to Hatsumi's world, you won't want to pass up this brand new, and slightly different, Hot Gimmick story. You just won't believe how it ends!

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