couverture, jaquette Three Wolves Mountain   (SuBLime) Manga
© 2003 Bohra Naono / BIBLOS
  • TypeManga
  • CatégorieYaoi
  • Date parutionjeu. 12 juil. 2012
  • DessinateurBohra NAONO
  • ScénaristeBohra NAONO
  • Genres
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  • Mag. prépub.
  • EditeurSuBLime
  • EAN-139781421543468
  • Prix12,99 USD
  • Format12.7x19.1cm
  • Pages216
  • drapeau pays édition Complète
    1 tome
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Three Wolves Mountain
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Way up in the mountains, far from any major cities or towns, Kaya Susugi runs a small cafe by day and guards a haunted cemetery by night. Then, one night, he comes across werewolf brothers Tarou and Jiro. Cheerful but klutzy younger brother Jiro quickly falls head over heels for the capable loner Kaya. What results is a dive into the hot, tail-twitching delight of werewolf mating season!

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