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Gestalt 2
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Olivier, priest of the Vasariah Order, is not his usual self, and Ouri summons an incubus to draw out the seed of Olivier's black mood. Later, the "game" between Ouri and her siblings becomes clearer as they all make their way toward G and the great treasure that awaits the winner. Ouri, however, is playing with a few interesting handicaps--but that won't slow down their progress toward G, even if Ouri and Olivier's enemies aren't about to give them a break!

Les tomes de cette édition
drapeau pays édition Américaine [Viz media]
Terminée en 8 tomes
Gestalt 1
16 juin 2009
Gestalt 2
18 août 2009
Gestalt 3
20 oct. 2009
Gestalt 4
15 déc. 2009
Gestalt 5
16 févr. 2010
Gestalt 6
20 avril 2010
Gestalt 7
15 juin 2010
Gestalt 8
17 août 2010
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