Dessinateur, Scénariste, Auteur, Coloriste, Encrage, Couverture brésilien

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Rafael Albuquerque is the Eisner and Harvey Award winning co-creator of CRIMELAND (Image Comics, 2007), MONDO URBANO (Oni Press, 2010), and the New York Times best selling series, AMERICAN VAMPIRE (DC Comics/Vertigo, 2010), which is written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King).

Having been in the industry since 2003, Rafael has worked with all major publishers in the business. He has illustrated popular books such as BATMAN, for DC Comics, UNCANNY X-FORCE for Marvel Comics, and many more.

You can find Rafael’s most recent work on ANIMAL MAN, written by Jeff Lemire.

Rafael currently lives in Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil.


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Année Titre Rôle
0 The Joker - 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular (Comics) Dessinateur, Scénariste
Superman 80 ans (Comics) Dessinateur
###NON CLASSE### () Dessinateur, Scénariste, Auteur, Encrage, Couverture
Prodigy (Comics) Dessinateur
1932 John Constantine Hellblazer (Comics) Couverture
1937 Batman - Detective Comics (Comics) Couverture
1940 Batman (Comics) Dessinateur, Couverture
1942 Wonder Woman (Comics) Couverture
1950 Strange Adventures (Comics) Dessinateur, Encrage
1955 Blue Beetle (Comics) Dessinateur, Encrage, Couverture
1988 Animal Man (Comics) Dessinateur, Couverture
1991 Robin (Comics) Dessinateur
1994 Deadpool (Comics) Couverture
1996 Batman - Black and White (Comics) Dessinateur, Scénariste
1997 Resurrection Man (Comics) Couverture
2000 Batgirl (Comics) Dessinateur, Encrage, Couverture
Star Wars - Darth Maul (Comics) Couverture
2003 Superman / Batman (Comics) Dessinateur
2006 Jeremiah Harm (Comics) Dessinateur, Encrage
All Star Batman (Comics) Dessinateur, Couverture
The Savage Brothers (Comics) Dessinateur, Encrage, Couverture
2007 Two Guns (Comics) Couverture
2008 Robin / Spoiler Special (Comics) Dessinateur
DCU Holiday Special (Comics) Dessinateur
2010 American Vampire (Comics) Dessinateur, Couverture
Uncanny X-Force (Comics) Dessinateur, Encrage
2011 Marvel Point One (Comics) Dessinateur, Encrage
Batwoman (Comics) Dessinateur, Couverture
Batwing (Comics) Couverture
Green Lantern - New Guardians (Comics) Couverture
2012 Hit-Girl (Comics) Dessinateur, Scénariste
Geoff Johns Présente Green Lantern (Comics) Dessinateur
2013 The Movement (Comics) Couverture
The Walking Dead - 100 Project (Comics) Dessinateur
Batman zero year - Director's cut (Comics) Dessinateur
American Vampire Anthology (Comics) Couverture
American Vampire - The Long Road To Hell (Comics) Dessinateur, Scénariste, Encrage, Couverture
Batman Beyond Universe (Comics) Couverture
2014 American Vampire - Second Cycle (Comics) Dessinateur, Encrage, Couverture
Batman Eternal (Comics) Couverture
Batwoman - Futures End (Comics) Couverture
Batman - La Cour des Hiboux (Comics) Dessinateur
2015 Huck (Comics) Dessinateur
Ei8ht (Comics) Dessinateur, Scénariste, Coloriste, Encrage
Convergence - Hawkman (Comics) Couverture
Gotham academy - Endgame (Comics) Couverture
Dark Knight III - The Master Race (Comics) Couverture
Batgirl - Endgame (Comics) Couverture
Detective Comics - Endgame (Comics) Couverture
Arkham Manor - Endgame (Comics) Couverture
2016 Wonder Woman - 75th anniversary special (Comics) Dessinateur, Scénariste, Encrage
All-New Deadpool (Comics) Couverture
Star Wars - Le Réveil de La Force (Comics) Couverture
Doctor Strange et Les Sorciers Suprêmes (Comics) Couverture
2017 The Wonder Woman 100 Project (Ouvrage sur le comics) Dessinateur
Gotham City Garage (Comics) Couverture
Kingsman - The Red Diamond (Comics) Couverture
2019 Batman bimestriel (Comics) Dessinateur
2022 Trial of the amazons (Comics) Couverture